Our Story


Our Approach

Competing priorities. Conflicting expectations. Unrelenting demands for time and attention. The complex challenges of personal and professional life in the twenty-first century create stress that can negatively impact health and performance, impair decision-making, and strain business and personal relationships to the breaking point.

Drawing on the most current scientific research and evidence-based thinking on the theory and practice of mindfulness, Inseus delivers a transformational impact on the lives of individuals and on the culture and effectiveness of the organizations where they work and lead.

Through experiential learning in workshops and retreats, one-on-one training, and consulting engagements, our mindfulness experts connect with and inspire people in profoundly personal ways, empowering them to discover more productive, peaceful, and authentic versions of themselves.

Mindfulness allows you to develop a broad set of cognitive and executive functions, raises self-awareness levels and facilitates emotional regulation, empowering individuals to substitute knee-jerk reactions with more conscious and ultimately more efficient behavior.
— Harvard Business Review

Our History

Inseus was founded and is led by Ashley Nelson, a successful senior executive in a global enterprise, who understands the challenges that organizations, their leaders, and team members face in a turbulent, extraordinarily competitive world.

Confronted by challenging circumstances in her personal and professional life, Ashley discovered that deepening her mindfulness practice gave her a clearer sense of purpose and heightened her impact across all facets of her life as a business leader, colleague, wife, mother, friend, and collaborator.

Realizing that everyone faces challenges that mindfulness can address, and following training at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine’s Center for Mindfulness, she began offering mindfulness training to leaders and team members at her company as a way to unlock productivity, promote wellness, and foster collaboration enterprise wide.

Drawing on the success of those initiatives and her experience as a mindful leader, she has expanded her offerings through Inseus to include training programs and consultation for other corporations, organizations, schools, and public service providers as well as individuals.

Ashley understands the many nuances of corporate life. She speaks with authority regarding the myriad benefits of mindfulness.
— Bruce Marcus, Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley

Our Founder

Ashley Nelson

As a senior executive at the Fossil Group, Ashley Nelson is widely recognized as a strategic thinker, team builder, and proven change management leader with over 25 years of corporate experience.

Her responsibilities at Fossil have included leading large teams to achieve more than $1 billion in revenues across sixteen brands in the Americas. Currently, as vice president of strategic business development, she develops global digital strategies, sustaining major partner relationships, and explores alternate channels of global distribution.  

Ashley completed teacher training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) at the School of Medicine at University of California, San Diego. She has also studied with some of the most widely recognized leaders in the mindfulness space and is a certified hatha yoga instructor. She serves on the board of directors for Fossil Foundation and Girls in the Game and volunteers extensively teaching mindfulness and yoga to individuals through schools, community groups, and recovery programs for incarcerated women.

Ashley personifies the impact and value of the Inseus approach. She is living proof that mindfulness works in all aspects of life.
— Jamie Harrison, HR Director Americas, Fossil Group

Our Name and Logo

The name Inseus arose from a collaborative effort to embody the spirit and mission of an organization focused on bringing the benefits of mindfulness to others, whether in group settings or as individuals. The name incorporates bits and pieces of English language words that refer to or evoke introspection and insight; observation and understanding; collaboration and inclusiveness.

The visual representation of our name—our logotype—engages people’s imagination and intuitive capabilities to seek order and meaning in seemingly disconnected elements, much as the holistic practice of mindfulness can do in the lives of individuals.

Our Collaborators

Inseus team members and collaborators are trained, credentialed experts in mindfulness, meditation, yoga, wellness, and other related disciplines. Our instructors connect with individuals in profoundly personal ways with empathy, honesty, and warmth. They leverage the power of storytelling and their own experiences to communicate the organizational and individual value of mindfulness training and practice.

Angela Johnson

Angela is a creative and inspiring speaker, clinician, and assistant professor of integrative medicine and Chinese medicine practitioner at Rush University Medical Center.  She has taught mindfulness to thousands in academic, medical, corporate, and non-profit settings. She holds master’s degrees in traditional oriental medicine and public health and will complete her doctorate in acupuncture and Chinese medicine in December 2018.

Mary Lisa (ML) Wahlfeldt

ML, an expert in meditation and breath work, teaches others to take control of their breathing to reduce stress, induce calm, lower blood pressure, and enjoy better sleep and increased focus. Her classes blend anatomy and physiology with breathing exercises and guided breath meditation. She is a Certified Breathing Class Instructor.

Kathy Bresler

Kathy is a trained facilitator of SoulCollage®, a playful yet profound process that has helped many self-declared “non-artists” discover their creativity and tap into their inner wisdom. A former marketing executive and cancer survivor, she holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and is currently studying interfaith spirituality at One Spirit Seminary in New York.