What Does Inseus Mean?


Many have asked about how the name Inseus was derived and if there is meaning to understand further. So, here it is, the explanation in all of its glory, or rather, simplicity.

It was a fun process to collaborate with The Grillo Group, branding & design team extraordinaire. After several rounds of research and introspection, we decided to scrap our original name, Green Light Mindfulness, and begin anew. Not only were there competitors in the shared space with similar naming conventions, but more importantly, Green Light Mindfulness felt a bit limiting when we brainstormed on the possibilities, as our journey would unfold.

After many feedback rounds with a variety of participants, Inseus was selected, because it resonated in its simplicity, far-reaching possibilities, and lack of association as a known word.

IN from the Latin root INE— inward, turning inward, the nature of.

SE from the old English word SEE— to see, clarity, vision, focus. Pronounced exactly as the word SEE sounds.

US referring to inclusivity, community, and highlighting the U and S found in the word Purpose.

IN-SE-US. Turning inward, to see clearly and embrace the nature of us—our purpose in life, our community, all of us.

This resonates. This feels mindful. This feels how the the world is, in its purest state and what I hope for, in this present moment.

Join INSEUS to celebrate and practice all things that heighten our awareness to see clearly. To see the nature of us, our world, and our communities, with a heightened sense of purpose, inclusively for all.

Peace & Love,

Ashley NelsonComment