An Invitation to Be


Welcome. The practice of mindfulness takes me to a new place every day. What began as a yoga practice while training for my first marathon more than 25 years ago has now evolved into a daily way of life that unlocks possibilities, deepens connections and a sense of purpose, and offers peace.  

For this, I am humbled and grateful. While catapulting into my thirties and forties as a highly engaged corporate executive, active community member, devoted wife, and loving mother of two, I kept running through life. Doing. And doing more.

Thankfully, the practice of mindfulness offered an invitation. An invitation to be. To be more authentic, more compassionate, more connected to joy, vulnerability, and grace—in the face of pain, disruption, and chaos.  

It turns out that when you’re not listening, an obstacle (or perhaps a gift) may present itself in such a way that deafens all other sounds. For me, this came in the form of a life-threatening illness with a child at home as the world turned upside down as a senior leader at work. Mindfulness offered a path…to unlearn, to learn, to shift perspective, to build resiliency, and to thrive.  

I believe in the power of mindfulness because I have experienced its transformative power in all aspects of life. I’d like to share its power with you. Join us at Inseus to experience and practice mindfulness and to thrive.   


Ashley Nelson1 Comment