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The Mindful Organization

Mindfulness is a proven solution to improving the emotional intelligence and physical health of employees and the financial health of organizations of all types and sizes. Inseus experts understand business priorities and organizational dynamics from their own personal experience and success. That’s how they design mindfulness programs with metrics that can be easily integrated into the corporate setting with a high return on a relatively low investment of time, space, and financial resources.

When stress in the workplace affects the bottom line, it grabs attention. Mindfulness helps relieve stress.
— Janette Outlaw, Chairman of the Board, Girls in the Game

The Mindful Leader

Although mindfulness training and practice focus on the individual, the impact of mindful leadership on organizations has been documented by respected researchers and proven in practice. Mindfulness unlocks in executives and leaders at all levels the kind of strategic thinking, collaboration, and compassion that results in better decision-making and more effective management practice.

What a perfect way to kick off our annual staff retreat. The Inseus mindfulness workshop opened up our thinking about new possibilities and set the stage for accomplishing the important work that lay before us.
— Dipty Jain, Principal, FMA: Fiscal Strength for Nonprofits

The Purposeful Life

Inseus mindfulness training delivers a life-changing, positive impact on individuals and equips them with tools to cultivate awareness, gain perspective, and balance personal fulfillment with professional success. Mindfulness in all its forms can be practiced at every life stage, regardless of place or time. Many have found it particularly helpful in dealing with anxiety, loss, depression, addiction, pain management, serious health issues, and other major life challenges.

After the Inseus retreat I actually found myself able to pause, consider my response, and have a positive impact on those around me.
— Christy Abele, Life Coach, Mom, Friend

Mindfulness for corporations, nonprofits, schools, and other organizations

Experiential Learning

Offerings can feature lectures on the principles, practice, and neuroscience behind mindfulness; group-led meditations; yoga for all levels; centering activities; and more. Popular programs include:

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction eight-week training rewires the auto responses of the brain and increases gray matter in the part of the brain associated with attention, learning, memory, emotion, rational decision-making, empathy, and compassion.

The Mindful Leader Workshops offer introductory and advanced learning experiences for leaders and those in line to assume leadership roles covering the full spectrum of mindfulness principles and practice.

Health and Wellness programs equip participants to reduce stress, improve health, and develop an overall sense of well-being.

Lunch and Learn Series features one-hour sessions on all aspects of mindfulness that can be customized for sponsoring organizations to address specific issues.

All-Inclusive Retreats

Half-, full-, or multi-day retreats offer immersive, multi-faceted mindfulness experiences. Hosted at our Green Light Center on Lake Michigan or offsite at a venue of your choosing.

Expert Speaker Engagements

Include keynotes and featured presentations at conferences, conventions, and executive learning events.

Consultation and other mindfulness resources

Include mindfulness strategy and planning, program assessment and measurement, and ongoing education and training.

Personalized mindfulness

Offers individuals one-on-one mindfulness training, leadership development and coaching, and individual yoga, meditation, and wellness instruction.