Transforming lives. Empowering leaders.


The complexity and frantic pace of modern business challenge even the most seasoned leaders. Add to that the pressure to perform at higher and higher levels, uber-connectivity, stimulus overload, and a myriad of other professional and personal imperatives. The resulting stress can seriously impair leadership effectiveness and personal well-being.

The realities of 21st century business take their toll not only on leaders, but also on the organizations and teams they lead—elevated stress, impaired decision making, lower productivity and efficiency, costly turnover, and compromised wellness.

Inseus has a proven approach to mitigating those negative impacts and unlocking in executives and leaders the kind of insights, strategic thinking, creativity, and compassion that result in better decision making and more effective management practice.

We deliver all that through an array of highly-tailored experiences at all levels of leadership in small group settings, workshops and seminars, individual coaching, and focused retreats—all grounded in our three-pronged methodology.


Mindfulness + Emotional Intelligence + Neuroscience = Mindful Leadership

Those three core elements, when integrated into regular practice, can transform and empower leaders in remarkable ways professionally and personally. Here’s a brief explanation of how it works

  • Mindfulness, a heightened form of attentiveness, enables leaders to become more empathetic, insightful, and effective. Those who practice mindfulness think more strategically, make better decisions, and create more productive, collaborative, and healthy working environments. Mindfulness is the foundation of emotional intelligence.

  • Emotional intelligence enables leaders in profound ways to create the space for making wise, conscious, compassionate choices in the face of chaos, distraction, and pain. There’s a direct correlation between high levels of emotional intelligence and professional success—90 percent of top performers have high levels of emotional intelligence. The good news: emotional intelligence can be cultivated.

  • Neuroscience comes into play because we now know that the human brain is malleable.  We have a life-long capacity—scientists call it neuroplasticity—to change our brain’s structure and function as a result of where we turn our attention. Mindfulness practice strengthens the capacity of the human brain to increase attentional control, regulate emotion and reactivity, and increase awareness, which allows leaders to respond boldly and wisely with compassion and insight. What you practice grows stronger


A game-changing approach

Inseus offers executives and other leaders opportunities to participate in expert-led, experiential learning sessions and personal coaching focused on helping unlock their full potential. The transformational and career-building benefits of the Inseus approach to mindful leadership include:

  • Increased resilience  

  • Reduced stress

  • Smarter decision making

  • Improved work/life harmony

  • Greater focus and attentional control

  • Enhanced communication skills

  • Greater empathy and compassion

  • More productive relationships

  • Emotional regulation and management

  • Improved sense of physical wellbeing

Customized leadership development for groups and individuals


Inseus offers a wide variety of formats with customized content, including:

  • Four- and eight-week courses

  • Full- and half-day workshops

  • Shorter formats, including keynote and inspirational presentations

  • One-on-one leadership coaching focused on individual development

Training may be singularly focused or more broadly based on:

  • Navigating through disruption/change management

  • Cultivating emotional intelligence

  • Managing stress

  • Reducing reactivity

  • Mindful communication, active listening, and challenging conversation

  • Retaining top talent and empowering teams

  • Unlocking full potential

  • Mindfulness for creativity

  • The neuroscience of mindfulness

Who should participate

An intensive, experiential exploration of mindfulness and emotional intelligence, Inseus training is recommended for all senior and aspiring leaders who seek to Improve their own effectiveness as well as the productivity, collaboration, and well-being of those they lead.

It is especially critical for those who find themselves:

  • Seeking a healthier work/life balance

  • Working harder, longer, or faster for less rewarding results

  • Lacking motivation or running short of new or creative ideas

  • Making hasty, less thoughtful decisions or mistakes

  • Addressing issues in more superficial ways

  • Experiencing sleep deprivation or anxiety

  • Having challenging team or client dynamics and relationships

The Inseus Faculty

Inseus instructors and coaches have a corporate leadership background and are trained, certified. and/or credentialed experts in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, leadership development, mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR), or other well-being disciplines. They connect with participants in profoundly personal ways and leverage the power of storytelling and their own experiences to communicate the organizational and individual value of mindfulness, resilience, and emotional intelligence.

Turnkey Corporate Mindful Leadership Programs

The positive impact of the mindful executive and leader on organizational performance cannot be understated. Inseus offers companies an easy, economical way to incorporate our approach to leadership development in your corporate programming onsite or off. We take care of everything: faculty, scheduling, digital takeaways to integrate into daily life, and regular digitized feedback from participants.