Transform your relationship with stress. Live more fully.


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) can transform your life. It decreases stress levels, improves physiological and emotional health, and enhances your ability to thrive in all aspects of life.

MBSR teaches you to shift perspective, reframing one’s relationship with stressors to reduce reactivity and conditional response, expanding response options. By increasing awareness and insight, MBSR helps individuals cope more effectively with life’s challenges, big or small, whether they’re related to health, relationships, or your professional life.

Originally developed to augment medical and psychological treatments, MBSR has been used successfully  across a wide array of conditions, including pain management. Physiologically, MBSR reduces cortisol levels, improves cognition, memory, and immune system and heart health resulting in a healthier, more resilient, productive, and peaceful you.  MBSR is a methodology that trains a capacity of your brain connected to the central executive network, strengthening our ability to respond boldly & wisely, with compassion and insight.

The best news? Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is teachable.


The Inseus MBSR course

Inseus offers an expert-led, eight-week, open-enrollment Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course where you can learn the principles and practice of mindfulness, acquiring a toolkit for integrating mindfulness into your daily life in a variety of ways, including becoming a mindful, compassionate leader and a healthier, more authentic you. You’ll also learn about the neuroscience and the scientific evidence behind mindfulness, stress reactivity, and stress response cycles.

MBSR: Life-changing benefits

  • Improved ability to shift your relationship with the stressors in life

  • Improved sleep patterns and greater resilience

  • Reduced anxiety and greater composure

  • Increased ability to manage your emotions

  • Increased awareness—self and situational

  • Enhanced ability to lead strategically, more effectively

  • Enhanced productivity

  • Enhanced communication, active listening, and collaboration skills

  • Better professional and personal relationships

  • Increased attentional control and focus


How it works

MBSR trains a capacity of your brain that otherwise receives little or no training, strengthening neural connections and pathways in the central executive network. The MBSR curriculum was developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center more than 30 years ago. Research shows that eight weeks of MBSR training can rewire your neural networks, which invites greater control over brain regions connected to conditional response, emotional reactivity, and fear.

Who should study MBSR 

An intensive, experiential exploration of mindfulness, this MBSR course is especially recommended for:

  • Anyone who is suffering and experiencing stress that interferes with their ability to lead a productive, happy life

  • Those struggling with illness, pain, or chronic health issues

  • Corporate executives and others in leadership positions

  • Individuals in high-stress careers, including first responders, military, and law enforcement

  • Healthcare professionals and caretakers

  • Professionals involved in conflict resolution, including legal professionals, marriage counselors, mediators, and human-resources professionals

  • Anyone facing a significant life-changing event

  • Anyone seeking a more purpose-driven life 

The details

  • Our Inseus teachers train at the University of California San Diego Professional Training Institute for Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in the School of Medicine’s Center for Mindfulness.  

  • Course modalities include mindfulness meditation, awareness-building activities, group inquiry and discussion, readings, and mindful movement.

  • Schedule: Eight weekly, evening sessions in group format; one full-day Saturday retreat; plus an invitation to practice and study daily.

  • All course materials and supplies provided by Inseus.

  • Limited enrollment. Casual or business attire is appropriate.


The positive impact of the mindful executive and mindful team members on organizational performance cannot be understated. Inseus offers companies an easy, economical way to add mindfulness-based stress reduction to your employee programming onsite or off. We take care of everything: internal marketing; faculty; design and scheduling of classes; consulting on space considerations; equipment and supplies; digital takeaways to integrate into daily life; and regular digitized feedback from participants to assess impact.