Gateway to mindfulness and emotional intelligence.


Meditation is mental, emotional, and spiritual exercise for your mind that unlocks a healthier, happier, more effective you by decreasing stress and reactivity and increasing awareness and more joy for life. Practiced in a formal and dedicated way, it cultivates mindfulness, the state of being aware, and builds our capacity to deepen insights and respond with intentionality, equanimity and discernment. What’s more, you can do it anywhere, anyplace, anytime!

Inseus meditation instructors are trained in Insight Meditation and use mindfulness-based awareness to see objectively how things really are, free from distortion and attachment, with a gentle and non-judgmental lens.  We use breath, body, sound, and sensory awareness as well as visualization techniques, loving kindness, and compassion practices that help you thrive and to realize full potential.


Meditate with Inseus

Our experts make meditation accessible for all levels, whether you’re brand new to the practice or a seasoned meditator. They connect you to a community of support and insight as you travel this journey—transforming your life and your relationship with stress and empowering the most effective and productive you to show up at work, at home and at play.

We teach several types of meditation:

  • Single Point Awareness: Breath Meditation to build focus and attentional control

  • Body Scan Meditation to bolster self-awareness and emotional regulation

  • Open Awareness Meditation to enhance objectivity, decrease reactivity, increase awareness & creativity

  • Visualization Meditation to connect to core values, self-awareness, and to work with triggers

  • Metta: Loving-Kindness and Compassion Meditation to cultivate empathy and emotional intelligence


The underlying science

Setting aside time each day for this mental training exercises the “muscle” of our brain and actually changes the brain’s shape and structure. Mindfulness Meditation creates new neural pathways, strengthens neural connections, changes the shape of gray matter, and reinforces connections to our brain’s central executive function region, which is responsible for all things human including:

  • Regulating emotion

  • Paying attention

  • Showing compassion, kindness, empathy, and other prosocial behaviors

  • Organizing, planning, and prioritizing

  • Staying focused

  • Understanding different points of view

  • Making better decisions

  • Thinking and reasoning more clearly

  • Exercising greater creativity

The physiological benefits

Meditation offers an array of well-documented health benefits that improve emotional and physical well-being. It can:

  • Reduce stress and cortisol levels

  • Control anxiety and unproductive ways of thinking

  • Help with depression by decreasing inflammatory chemicals that affect mood

  • Improve optimism and positivity

  • Enhance attentional control and focus

  • Increase self-awareness

  • Help control pain

  • Decrease blood pressure

  • Reduces age-related memory loss

Check out our free Guided Meditations to compliment your at-home practice or join us at one of our Upcoming Events!

Ask about our Corporate Turnkey Meditation Programs

The positive impact of the mindful executive and mindful team members on organizational performance cannot be understated. Inseus offers companies an easy, economical way to add meditation to your employee programming onsite or off. We take care of everything: internal marketing; faculty; design and scheduling of classes; consulting on space considerations; equipment and supplies; digital takeaways to integrate into daily life; and regular digitized feedback from participants to assess impact.


Choose the Format that Fits

Inseus offers organizations and individuals a variety of standard or customized meditation programs in one-on-one, small and large group, and digital formats. Programs include:

  • How to Meditate. Learn and practice the principles and techniques of meaningful, rewarding meditation, including posture and body positioning.

  • Short Micro Practice Meditations. Integrate game-changing meditation into your life anytime or anyplace.

  • Meditation 101, 201, & 301. A series designed to enhance your practice at any point on your meditation journey.

  • Inseus Insight Circle. Join this virtual community for weekly and monthly meditations, open discussion, and learning experiences.

  • Inseus Guided Meditation Library. An online resource for meditation on call.

  • Silent Meditation Retreats. Getaways specially designed to deepen awareness, insight, and connection

  • Meditation Retreats. Interactive gatherings that welcome a social community of meditators to immerse and engage away from the daily routine.

Guided meditations on call with our compliments

Meditation is a foundational element of a comprehensive mindfulness practice. Practiced regularly, meditation unlocks opportunities to open your mind and create space for greater insight into more purposeful living.

Inseus offers these free guided meditations to enhance an ongoing mindfulness practice or to introduce newcomers to its rewards.