Stefanie Harris

Director, Amazon

I would encourage companies to invest in teaching executives to unplug and be present in the moment instead of five steps ahead. Inseus mindfulness training is straightforward, common sense stuff. It’s about being 100 percent fully immersed in solving the problem at hand. Ashley Nelson understands the pressure of being a corporate leader and what we have to deal with. She’s walked in my shoes. I trust her.

Thiago Picolo

CEO, Grupo Technos S/A

As CEO of my company, I wanted to expose my senior leadership to the power of mindfulness—to appreciate the science behind it, to learn the techniques, and to see for themselves that it's possible to combine a high-powered career with a balanced life. Ashley Nelson is such an inspiring, professional, and charismatic teacher.

Pauline Kochanski


There was a magical quality about the Inseus workshop. It was my kick start to return to mindfulness. I learned to take a breath, look at what I am doing, and ask why. How you breathe makes a huge difference. Paying attention to what we eat keeps us fit. Paying attention to how we breathe can help keep us in emotional balance.

Here are just a few of our partners:

Mindfulness resonated with me once Ashley presented the science behind it.
— Cynthia Collins, Former Chief Executive Officer, Human Longevity, Inc
This retreat gave me a new paradigm for looking at my life and relationships. A very simple but powerful ‘AHA!’
— Sharon O’Hara, Real Estate Broker, @properties
Ashley has an easy way about her and is a natural leader. She makes everyone feel comfortable.
— Dora Yarid, Vice President Sales, Ecommerce, Fossil Group
I took Inseus mindfulness training, and it totally changed my mind. I now see just how much it can impact my business.
— Sally Reiner, Vice President Sales, Michael Kors @ Fossil Group
An amazing experience. The combination of learning sessions, meditation, and yoga was great and left me wanting more.
— Linette Thompson, Senior Broker, Dream Town Properties
Ashley is the absolute representation of what women want to see in senior leaders.
— Meghan Morgan, Executive Director, Girls in the Game
Inseus taught me that mindfulness is more than meditation, it’s a way of thinking and behaving. It’s about being present in the moment.
— Karen Rigg, Project Architect, Partners by Design
I really enjoyed being able to think about my routine and about applying mindfulness meditation techniques in both my work and personal life.
— Roxanne Joyal, CEO, ME to WE
Inseus training helps me to remain aware of what is within and outside of my control, and to stay focused on what I can solve today.
— Jennifer Davis, Brand Manager, Michael Kors @ Fossil Group
This was an amazing experience. Mindfulness should be a part of everyone’s routine.
— Lindsay Becker, Account Executive, Fossil Group
Ashley has a way of delivering the information. Her authentic combination of strength and loving kindness showed through.
— Maria Grillo, Principal, The Grillo Group
Loved the content! Ashley was engaging, funny, and genuine.
— David Archer, CIA, CISA, CFE, CRMA, Senior Manager, Enterprise Risk Management Audit Services, Fossil Group
I experienced a centering, a calmness, a sense of purpose. What I learned made a true difference in how I show up at work and home.
— Janiece Evans-Page, Vice President Global Giving & Sustainability, Fossil Group
Inseus training has made me a more insightful, compassionate, and creative leader—at work for my team and at home for my family.
— Jenna Lange, Founder and CEO Lange International
I went to Meditation Friday this week. It was wonderful. Thank you Ashley for spearheading this corporate initiative and leading the way. It’s exactly what I need in my life right now, especially the emphasis on mindfulness.
— Mari Plasic, Director/Divisional Merchandise Manager, Global Fossil Outlets