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Inseus Mindfulness 

Ashley Nelson, Founder of Inseus

Personal. Professional. Profound.

We live in a 24/7 world where complexity rules and personal and professional lives can collide at a frenetic pace. The practice of mindfulness enables individuals, in profound ways, to create the space for making wise, conscious, compassionate choices in the face of chaos, distraction, and pain.

Expert. Experienced. Empowering.

Grounded in science, proven in real-life practice, and delivered by expert practitioners, Inseus mindfulness and emotional intelligence training empowers organizations and their leaders to reduce stress, increase resilience, boost employee performance and wellbeing, retain talent, manage risks, and improve the bottom line.

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Our Name and Logo

The name Inseus arose from a collaborative effort to embody the spirit and mission of an organization focused on bringing the benefits of mindfulness to others, whether in group settings or as individuals. The name incorporates bits and pieces of English language words that refer to or evoke introspection and insight; observation and understanding; collaboration and inclusiveness.

The visual representation of our name—our logotype—engages people’s imagination and intuitive capabilities to seek order and meaning in seemingly disconnected elements, much as the holistic practice of mindfulness can do in the lives of individuals.

Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally.
— Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness at Work

What participating employees feel:

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stress reduction

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sleep improvement

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pain reduction

How employers benefit:

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per year per employee in improved productivity


Authentic self. Authentic leader. Inside out.

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Productivity. Collaboration. Innovation. Retention. By empowering more mindful, authentic leaders and team members, organizations can unlock new opportunities for fostering a collaborative culture, fueling growth, and creating greater economic and social value.

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Mindfulness is a heightened form of attentiveness that enables leaders to become bolder, more focused and effective. Leaders who practice mindfulness think more strategically, make better decisions, and create healthier, more effective working environments.

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Mindfulness produces a transformational impact on individuals by unlocking focus, clarity, and peace in all aspects of life. Practicing mindfulness can actually change the structure of the brain, resulting in improved decision-making, stronger relationships, and an increased sense of well-being.

Inseus Clients Speak Their Minds

Even though I practice meditation, I was initially skeptical as to how that could help my professional life. I was happy to get some hands-on (brains-on) work on how those techniques could be used in the workplace. The presentation style was great and I appreciated how Ashley put everyone at ease so quickly.
— Workshop Participant, Regional Delivery Director, The Adecco Group

[Ashley] was incredibly engaging and inspiring, and I was amazed at how eager everyone was to participate in the meditation exercises... Days later, there is still chatter in the workplace about how wonderful [the presentation] was, and how we all can benefit from incorporating more mindfulness techniques at the office.
— Sammy G, Ogilvy

Over the past several years, I’ve experienced the benefits of mindfulness and meditation in all aspects of my life. I wanted to share this gift with my entire team at work. Ashley’s presence and perspective helped to solidify the message and relevancy for all of us. Her approach found the right balance of science, mind and heart. Any organization would benefit from her human and humble approach.
— Patrick Stajich, Formerly at GTB, Executive Director at VMLY&R

On My Mind

Findings. Insights. Inspirations.

Inseus founder Ashley Nelson shares her experience and insights on the science, practice, and value of mindfulness to organizations, leaders, and anyone pursuing personal fulfillment.

Ashley also shares links to articles, research reports, white papers, and more on the Resources page.

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